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Why Mum’s the word in mobile massage

We are currently a child free household. One day maybe we won’t be. But until then I am the doting Auntie to babies of friends and family, choosing to bestow much of my maternal energy on these gorgeous little cherubs as well as my own furbaby at home – a big fluffy cat called Chester.… Continue reading Why Mum’s the word in mobile massage

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Journey to the Chilled Out Bride

There are many times in our lives when we might ask why now, or why me? Sometimes life likes to throw a curve ball and test our strength, our foundations, our relationships and our patience. Sometimes the reasons for certain events may become clear as we move through life, and sometimes, they never do. But… Continue reading Journey to the Chilled Out Bride

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Treatment takeaway anyone?

So…I’ve heard rumblings from London about a service that can provide massage on demand. Should you need that aching shoulder worked on or that tense scalp relaxed you can book a massage through an app and a massage therapist can be with you asap! Sounds like an innovative idea? Not really. Far from this being… Continue reading Treatment takeaway anyone?

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Emotional health: how fit are you?

In a holistic sense our ‘wellbeing’ as humans refers to all aspects of ourselves, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Whilst we know that exercise can benefit our physical wellbeing along with many other lifestyle factors; and that practices such as mindfulness and yoga may help to improve our mental wellbeing – how do we measure… Continue reading Emotional health: how fit are you?

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What is reflexology and what can it do for me?

Many people have heard of reflexology, and some may have tried the treatment – however I occasionally get asked the questions – what exactly is it and how does it work? I’ve finally had the chance to put my answers into writing so I hope this post can help a few people out. Massaging the feet… Continue reading What is reflexology and what can it do for me?

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Reflexology eases some cancer symptoms

As a complementary therapist I have previously worked with cancer patients and have seen how effective reflexology can be – particularly on a mental and emotional level. This recent article about reflexology research shows how the treatment can ease some symptoms in cancer patients on a more physical level. This is a significant piece of research… Continue reading Reflexology eases some cancer symptoms