Holistic Facial

A holistic facial will not only use products specifically targeted for your skin but also massage techniques to help encourage lymph drainage and boost blood circulation – the best type of natural botox you can ask for! Holistic facials do not involve any type of electrical equipment, the massage is manual and completely tailored to work with your body.

Why choose a holistic facial?


The art of giving the perfect holistic facial is one that combines an effective facial massage technique with a skincare range that feeds and nourishes the skin. This type of facial is not just about how your skin looks but also about how you feel at the end of the treatment. If you are looking to brighten, hydrate and/or nourish your skin and enjoy some serious relaxation at the same time, a holistic facial is for you.

Strictly Holistic Facials

I offer a bespoke facial option to the client, so your treatment will be designed specifically for you. I use Pink and Green Skincare to enhance natural beauty and deliver effective results. These organic, divine smelling products not only work wonders on the skin but they create a sense of peace and calm on the inside; that also radiates on the outside.

Holistic Facial:

60 minutes £55

Each facial begins with a health consultation followed by a thorough skin analysis and then your journey of relaxation can begin! (Each facial also either includes either a foot massage or a hand and arm massage)

(Please note all treatment times do include consultation, but if you are a new client to the practice please do allow an extra 15 minutes for this at no extra cost)

To book a Holistic Facial please get in touch.

After the treatment:

  • Avoid using makeup or other skincare products for day after after your treatment. This is so the products have optimum chance to work their magic!
  • Keep hydrated to help the body to rebalance.
  • And most important of all…relax and enjoy the benefits of glowing skin and a rested body and mind.

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