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Make mine a gentle detox please…

It seems that January has famously become the month of the ‘detox.’  As the New Year kicks in many magazines, health websites and TV programmes are aimed at making us want to ‘get down the gym, start a diet and shed those post-Christmas pounds!’ Hmm. Whilst incorporating exercise, eating healthily, and cutting back on the… Continue reading Make mine a gentle detox please…

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Reflexology eases some cancer symptoms

As a complementary therapist I have previously worked with cancer patients and have seen how effective reflexology can be – particularly on a mental and emotional level. This recent article about reflexology research shows how the treatment can ease some symptoms in cancer patients on a more physical level. This is a significant piece of research… Continue reading Reflexology eases some cancer symptoms

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The shocking truth about your health

A friend of mine pointed me in the direction of this video knowing I would enjoy it!  If you are interested in the importance of balancing mind, body and soul for a healthy life – this is inspirational stuff from Lissa Rankin MD  –  an integrative medicine physician, author, speaker, artist, and founder of the… Continue reading The shocking truth about your health