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Making the Soul Connection

Before I started writing this post I drew a spider diagram with the word ‘connection’ at the centre. Within minutes I was scribbling away, with so many connections around the idea of ‘connection,’ that it was hard to focus on one area! It was then that I realised the amazing thing about the idea of… Continue reading Making the Soul Connection

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New Year, New Moon: Lessons of a Lunar Lover

In recent months I have become deeply interested in the moon, her cycles and how they might be affecting our emotional lives.  My interest was piqued when I started to notice an interesting correlation between events in my life and different parts of the moon’s cycle. As a holistic therapist who works with energy based… Continue reading New Year, New Moon: Lessons of a Lunar Lover

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Five ways to boost your base chakra and get your mojo back

Have you ever felt disconnected, insecure, or unable to find direction, like the rug has been pulled out from underneath you? Unfortunately at some point in life you may have felt one of those things, or maybe even all of them. There is a good chance that during this time, your base chakra energy or… Continue reading Five ways to boost your base chakra and get your mojo back

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Journey to the Chilled Out Bride

There are many times in our lives when we might ask why now, or why me? Sometimes life likes to throw a curve ball and test our strength, our foundations, our relationships and our patience. Sometimes the reasons for certain events may become clear as we move through life, and sometimes, they never do. But… Continue reading Journey to the Chilled Out Bride