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What makes your heart sing?

Hello 2017! We are now knee-deep in the dark depths of January and as a holistic therapist  I could happily wax lyrical about the benefits of eating healthily, exercising more and finding ways to decrease stress levels, and there would be nothing wrong with this –  each of these areas have their own (large) merits.… Continue reading What makes your heart sing?

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How to embrace the hibernation blues…

It’s that time of year again, turning colder, darker in the evenings, more coughs and colds doing the rounds. Overall it is not the most inspiring time to jump out of bed, head to the gym and bounce into work. The temptation at this time of year is to eat more (lots of sweet things… Continue reading How to embrace the hibernation blues…

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Treatment takeaway anyone?

So…I’ve heard rumblings from London about a service that can provide massage on demand. Should you need that aching shoulder worked on or that tense scalp relaxed you can book a massage through an app and a massage therapist can be with you asap! Sounds like an innovative idea? Not really. Far from this being… Continue reading Treatment takeaway anyone?

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Be the star in your own show – how to boost your emotional resilience

One of my real dislikes is feeling overwhelmed. Of course, it can happen quite frequently. Busy day, things going wrong, running late, too much on the to do list, chuck in a life crisis and you’ve got the perfect storm. Yuck! Or, even worse, feeling consistently overwhelmed due to a chronically stressful situation –  which… Continue reading Be the star in your own show – how to boost your emotional resilience