About Me

charlotte new penHi, I’m Charlotte and I’m a Bristol based Complementary Therapist and Neal’s Yard Consultant. I’ve been practising a range of complementary therapies for 10 years and I’m passionate about holistic health. I love working with clients and helping to improve their wellbeing.

Although this blog is called ‘Strictly Holistic’ (which sounds a little serious), I consider myself a very grounded therapist and believe that it is important to find the joy in everyday life where we can. I live a healthy lifestyle (love yoga and mindfulness meditation in particular) but I’m not hard on myself if I occasionally miss a gym session, neither do I feel guilty if I enjoy a slice of cake and a glass of wine….

Busy days, challenges (and temptations!) in life will inevitable spring up and this is where I fully empathise with clients. For many of us the way to wellbeing is a step by step journey where we endeavour to learn as we go along, and try to remember to to be kind to ourselves whilst we are doing it.

Working with Complementary Therapy has enabled me to deal with many of my own major life events and chronically stressful situations. Like many other women I juggle different hats personally and professionally and  am always learning how to improve my health in a way that works for me.

My experience within the third sector, specifically mental health, cancer support and also facilitation of wellbeing workshops has given me invaluable experience of working within a supportive group environment to encourage sharing, creativity and healing.

I  truly believe that no matter how busy we are, and no matter how much life gets in the way, there are things that we can do to decrease our stress levels to bring some balance back to our busy worlds.

I hope you enjoy finding your way to wellbeing!