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Why Mum’s the word in mobile massage

We are currently a child free household. One day maybe we won’t be. But until then I am the doting Auntie to babies of friends and family, choosing to bestow much of my maternal energy on these gorgeous little cherubs as well as my own furbaby at home – a big fluffy cat called Chester.

However, I am surrounded by parents navigating the needs of their first baby or maybe their second or third and stand in complete admiration of their ability to exist on tiny amounts of sleep and still manage to ensure their little one is fed, watered and quite frankly a marvellous tiny being.

As a holistic therapist and having worked with new mums and mums in general for years, I understand how hard it can be for mums (and dads) but I’m just concentrating on mums for now- to get out of the house with a new baby or toddler. The massive preparation that can be quickly cast aside if a nappy gets filled, dinner makes a reappearance, or a tantrum ensues, can make what used to be a simple task – like going to the shops – quite an endeavour!

And as for going for a treatment? ( that amazingly valuable time that you really need and that ultimately your child will benefit from) yes – I know, you have to be joking! There is is no time for that OR it might turn into a task requiring military precision. Not great for getting your zen on and enough to stop you heading out for some much needed TLC. I realise this does not apply to all mums. Perhaps you have the routines down but looking for a different treatment experience, with minimum hassle, but able to bring a holistic element into your motherhood journey for you and baby at home.peaceful mum

That’s where a massage therapist like me comes in. If you can’t get out of the house or would just prefer to experience a treatment in your own sanctuary, let the treatment come to you. Perhaps there is an optimum time your baby naps or can be distracted for while (by an obliging partner or pal) whilst you enjoy a valuable spot of ‘you time’ to ease concerns such as aching muscles, tension headaches and general tiredness.

Within my practice I offer mobile reflexology for mums and mums-to-be, alongside Indian head massage and seated back massage for mums, all very much focussed on relieving muscular tension, reducing stress levels and restoring a sense of peace. Don’t underestimate the benefits of putting you first – even just for half an hour! It is true that even in this short space of time your energy can be grounded and restored and you can really benefit from the time out. Sound appealing? You can find out more here.

As Jane Austen once wrote in her famed book ‘Emma’ – “Ah, there is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.” I think she was on to something.



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