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Journey to the Chilled Out Bride

There are many times in our lives when we might ask why now, or why me? Sometimes life likes to throw a curve ball and test our strength, our foundations, our relationships and our patience. Sometimes the reasons for certain events may become clear as we move through life, and sometimes, they never do. But whatever junction or crossroads or flashpoint we may be at, one things is certain – it is part of a wider picture and our personal journey is completely unique to us.

My newest holistic treatment service – ‘Chilled Out Bride’ focuses on bringing a holistic approach to what can be one of the most stressful journeys of our lives – the wedding journey! By ‘wedding journey’ I mean, from the day you start thinking about planning it (and there is a WHOLE industry devoted to this one area), right up to the wedding day itself.

If you have been a bride you may be silently nodding at this point remembering the buffet of choice on offer once you mention the word wedding – which venue, which menu, which music, to chair sash or not to chair sash, it’s endless. Even the most laidback of brides has the potential to morph into a ‘bridezilla’ once they enter the wedding world. And don’t get me wrong, there is a huge amount of fun that can come with it, trying on amazing dresses, hilarious hen dos, and lots of fizz and laughter. But in my experience this is much needed after finalising a guest list that satisfies all parties, devising a seating plan that means any warring factions will not have to look at each other, and choosing for the fifth time which hue of pink the napkins need to be!

When we got married we had just moved to Bristol and I didn’t know any therapists who I could go to for some blessed ‘me time’ in the midst of all the wedding planning chaos. What I really needed was someone who could support me holistically throughout my wedding journey with treatments to help me feel amazing on all levels, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, so I could not only have a fantastic day (which we did by the way) but who could help me find some head space in the lead up to the big day itself.

So, fast forward some years later and using my own experience together with speaking to many honest newlyweds, I designed the the ultimate holistic bridal package – ‘Chilled Out Bride.’ This package is specifically designed for brides who needs some holistic support in the lead up to their wedding so they can keep stress levels low, feel present and enjoy their unique wedding journey.

The service is female focussed but I also offer a Bride and VIP escape which is a perfect opportunity for the happy couple to enjoy some time out together and to leave that unwieldy wedding spreadsheet at home! I also offer mini treatment experiences for hen parties that are looking for a relaxing vibe.

So who says the wedding journey has to to stressful? Honestly – it probably will be a bit stressful, it is possibly the most important celebration you will organise in your life, but, it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming stress when you have the right support around you. I would encourage any couple to embrace the special and significant time when you are a fabulous fiance! Enjoy it, milk it, and bathe in the pre wedding fairy dust, because once you are married, things go back to being wonderfully normal and you may even find yourself missing your ‘bridezilla’ or ‘groomzilla’days just a little…

If you would like some help to feel relaxed and radiant as your journey unfolds and ready for the day itself, please visit to find out more.

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