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New beginnings and facing change

Ah January. The month of the New Year resolution being made, and then being discarded. ( for some of us) Floods of people back at the gym, on diets, chasing a total body overhaul after the decadence of Christmas. There is the well cemented notion that January is the month for change, detoxing the body and the mind, dry January, a super detox month for some.

I think this is interesting, does this mean that we cannot change for the rest of the year, or perhaps start afresh and wipe the slate clean in March or July or as far away as August?!

January may seem like an excellent time to start a new health regime, but it is one of the hardest months for many people to get moving – nights are still dark, many are back at work and the winter blues can set in. If you have tried to embrace change in January because you feel like you should, you may have found it a real struggle.

As we leave January (hurrah I hear you shout!) and if you haven’t made the changes to your lifestyle that you would have liked, don’t fear you can still try in February or whenever you want! If you have stuck to your New Year’s resolutions I salute you.

I am embracing some change at the moment and am on a mission to enjoy it rather than fear it. I have been listening to some really insightful meditations recently about learning to surrender to change and not fight it. ‘Surrender to change’ I hear you say? Easier said than done you may think, but the way we view change can limit our capacity to respond to it in a way that benefits us.

Remember we are changing physically and mentally every day, new cells being regenerated in our bodies and neural pathways being created and/or strengthened in our brains. Our bodies need to do this to keep us alive, so change is ultimately part of life, and not to be feared.

If we are fighting or avoiding change in our lives we are not investigating how this change may be showing us a different way of being. How many times have you reflected on a difficult situation that meant a change of some kind, but realised however hard it was, it eventually resulted in a positive outcome? Of course there is no black and white rule to this, but I would encourage you to stay curious to change, embrace it, be brave, the universe may just have a bigger plan for you!

So if you are finding it hard to get down the gym, cut the carbs or do some more meditation, stop making it a chore. There is no time limit on when we can overhaul our lifestyle, our capacity for change is huge and ongoing, so keep going. Spring is just around the corner.

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