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What makes your heart sing?

Hello 2017! We are now knee-deep in the dark depths of January and as a holistic therapist  I could happily wax lyrical about the benefits of eating healthily, exercising more and finding ways to decrease stress levels, and there would be nothing wrong with this –  each of these areas have their own (large) merits. However, you can read a million blogs about these subjects and many of them are very good. I wanted to share just one thought, something that struck me the other day when I was asked for my main wellbeing tip for the New Year.

And the first part of my answer was a question. What makes your heart sing? If this is a bit too vague for you how about ‘what makes you feel alive or what gives you energy and enthusiasm? What gives you a feeling of peace and happiness? Ask yourself this. Be honest about the answer.For some this will be easy, for some a little harder. Soul search a little if need be.

I lost a close friend last year who was an avid theatre goer and a wonderful writer. We talked a lot about her love of theatre and she called it her ‘church.’ I know it made her heart sing and she took every opportunity to soak up the theatrical delights of London’s West End and further afield whenever she could. The theatre was a place she sought both sanctuary and inspiration. She knew what made her heart sing and she loved life.

So, the second part of my top wellbeing tip. Once you have worked out what it is that makes your heart sing – you just need to do more of it. Make time for whatever this soul nourishing, heart warming, energy giving experience or activity is and do it whenever you can. That’s it.

This life is short. Let’s live it.


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