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Release your inner skincare Goddess

Many people find the routine of removing makeup and cleansing the skin just another task they could live without. This routine can often be haphazardly attempted in the morning and /or last thing at night when all you actually want to do is either get to bed or go back to it!

If this is you; then somewhere along the way you have lost the joy of skincare, that is caring for your skin. This is where the daily task of  attending to the face can become a delightful slice of ‘you time’ where you can thank your skin for being an amazing organ (yes – it is the largest organ in the body) and give it some well deserved nourishment and TLC.

skincare-ritualThere is beauty in the ritual of taking the time to treat yourself in this way. You are mindfully paying attention to yourself, and taking the time to fully engage with the sense of the product, the smell, the feel of it and then slowly applying it to every part of your face. When moisturising (in particular) massaging the product into the skin with slow upward strokes will not only help to work the product into the skin but also to work the muscles underneath. This gives a boost to circulation that naturally helps skin cells to rejuvenate. Treating your skin in this way will add a new quality to the way your use the products – helping them to give you the results you want.

If you are thinking ‘but I don’t have time for this’ I promise we are only talking a three to five minute skin ritual morning and night where you can savour some precious time for yourself and get the best out of your products. Let’s face it, (literally!) if you are going to invest in some products – you should get the best out of them. And don’t even get me started on the wonder of a weekly exfoliation and facemask! This ritual also can involve you having a soak in the bath whilst the mask is on and working it’s magic..the best kind of skincare ritual.

Taking the time to nourish your skin in this way means carving out a mindful few minutes either side of your day where you can celebrate your skin and most importantly yourself.

This is the time of year where we all need a little help with feeling good about our skin. Getting the right advice, and using the right products will give you a glowing headstart. If you would like to book the Winter Radiance Ritual offer to get you on the right track please get in touch. This treatment not only includes a back massage and luxury facial but also a full skin consultation to help put the magic back into your own skincare routine. Say yes to happy healthy skin and a radiant Christmas!

2 thoughts on “Release your inner skincare Goddess

  1. Nice …some products i used and made me sensitive ,I released a lot in this website but with Chinese language ~many people advertise how incredible those products are while actually they even never used them !

  2. It’s very true unfortunately. There are many people who advertise without trying for themselves. As a skincare consultant it is my job to test the products first, understand what they do, use them on myself and within my treatments to be able to advise per individual. It’s always best to get thorough skincare advice especially if you have sensitive or reactive skin. I hope you find some products that work for you 🙂

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