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Organic Beauty is the new black

fb-banner-organic-beauty-week-1The words ‘Organic Beauty’ have become more frequently used by various skincare and health related brands in recent years. And there is a reason for this. Now more than ever – we want to know that what we are putting on our skin is as synthetic free as possible. This is good news for our skin – the largest organ of the body – as we know most of what we apply to the skin will be absorbed into the bloodstream, making what we put on our skin very important indeed.

So how can we spot an authentic organic skincare product and is it worth paying any extra for? As a therapist who works with organic skincare – I have a hearty interest in this. I love working with Neal’s Yard products because they are certified organic and also happen to smell amazing and work wonders, so that clients leave the treatment room looking great and feeling even better. I know what I’m using is as organic as possible whilst also being results driven, so my clients are getting the best of both worlds.

In the UK to produce a product that can be officially labeled as organic in the product title – 95% of all ingredients in it must be organic. The product can then be certified by the Soil Association as organic and display a nifty little logo on the product packaging. There are some brands out there that manage to get away with calling themselves organic when only a miniscule of what you get in the bottle is organic  – so beware of this. Anything that is officially organic will display the Soil Association logo and from January 2017 products will also have COSMOS ORGANIC logo as well. #lookforthelogo

I had fantastic day at a Neal’s Yard Roadshow recently to check out new products and find out how they are formulated. I was really impressed with the genuine love and care that goes into making these beautiful products as ethical, effective, and the key word – as organic –  as possible. In the words of the Soil Association ‘organic means that we are working with nature and not against it. It means higher levels of animal welfare, lower levels of pesticides, no manufactured herbicides or artificial fertilisers and more environmentally sustainable management of the land and natural environment – this means more wildlife!’ Sounds pretty good to me.

In terms of price, you may find that you pay a little extra for a certified organic skincare product, but when you do this you know you are getting quality ingredients that your skin will thank you for. So which side are you on? I’m Team Organic – all the way!

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