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Treatment takeaway anyone?

So…I’ve heard rumblings from London about a service that can provide massage on demand. Should you need that aching shoulder worked on or that tense scalp relaxed you can book a massage through an app and a massage therapist can be with you asap! Sounds like an innovative idea?

Not really. Far from this being a new concept the idea has actually been around for a long time – minus the app and the big business – in the form of mobile therapy, where a complementary therapist brings the treatment to you in the comfort of your own home.

Whether you app it or choose an independent therapist, this type of treatment is excellent for those who may be housebound, don’t have the time to travel or who would just rather not visit a salon or spa for their time out. This is the ultimate ‘you time’ where you don’t have to go anywhere to enjoy a slice of relaxation, the treatment comes to you.

As a therapist who practises from a premises I am now also delighted to offer mobile reflexology and acupressure back massage treatments for the ladies of Fishponds and surrounding areas in Bristol. Armed with my trusty (and exceedingly comfortable) acupressure and reflexology chairs I can bring relaxing and rejuvenating treatments straight to your door, easy, convenient and good for you!

Whilst I’m not an app therapist you can contact me on a good old-fashioned email to book an appointment…. or feel free to call Strictly Holistic on 07834900090 for more info.

I have availability on Mondays, Wednesday and Saturday mornings, and some Fridays.

Evening bookings and pamper parties for groups also available.

*This service is for ladies only.

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