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Be the star in your own show – how to boost your emotional resilience

overwhelm 2One of my real dislikes is feeling overwhelmed. Of course, it can happen quite frequently. Busy day, things going wrong, running late, too much on the to do list, chuck in a life crisis and you’ve got the perfect storm. Yuck! Or, even worse, feeling consistently overwhelmed due to a chronically stressful situation –  which can then impact the health of the mind, body and spirit.

I’ve been perfecting the art of this thing called ’emotional resilience’ (or bouncebackability when difficult things happen in life) for a while now and although I’m still learning as I go – I thought I’d share some of my own simple tips – in the hope they could help boost your emotional resilience and prevent the ‘overwhelm monster’ from sabotaging your busy world…

Here goes:

  • Say ‘no’ more. We all need to know our limits. If you are trapped in a cycle of saying yes to things that you aren’t happy with (could be a job task, a family event, an errand for a friend) don’t say yes! Offer an alternative arrangement that is more of a compromise, or simply say no this time.
  • Protect yourself from the people who make you feel emotionally drained.  The people you surround yourself with should lift you higher, not drag you down. Maybe the remedy here lies in spending less time with people who leave you feeling emotionally exhausted and more time with those who give your energy a boost!
  • Make time for yourself. What do you like doing? What makes you happy? What gives you energy/ relaxes you? Whatever it is – do more of it. Regular exercise, massage, meditation, a particular hobby.  Protect your time for this so you can find some balance in your life between work and play.
  • Recognise your own imperfections and accept them. Being kind to ourselves means that we might find it easier to accept others how they are – this is liberating – trust me. None of us are perfect, we are human! So don’t put pressure on yourself or others to be something that is not sustainable.
  • Be the star in your own show. Know that you are the VIP in your life. Give your emotions the respect they deserve and express them. Don’t bottle things up. How you feel is important and has a direct impact on your wellbeing.

Remember, if you aren’t looking after your own emotional health, how can you support others?

If you are feeling consistently overwhelmed – always talk to someone. Your health will thank you for it.

Thanks for reading!

Useful Resources

Mind, Developing Resilience:

International Stress Management Association, how to identify stress:

The Samaritans:


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