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Staying Present!

In the last four months I have moved house twice, started two new jobs and got married! It’s been all go, which means two things – lots of life activity (and lessons) but unfortunately less time to blog about them.

Excitingly, I am now Head Therapist at Atelier Clifton, a beautiful hair salon which also has a spa offering facials, massage, reflexology and some beauty treatments. Working with REN, a fabulous ‘clean skincare’ range that I had never worked with before is a joy. The products are gorgeous with no nasties i.e. parabens; sulphates, but are results driven so clients are loving their treatments and walking away glowing! I’m also specialising in my passion – Ayurvedic massage – so this is a bit of a dream for me. The environment is pretty special too – stunning treatment rooms, a peaceful atmosphere and a great team. Let’s just say I’m one happy holistic bunny! I really love the fact that we can offer relaxing massage, beautifying treatments and fabulous hair in all in one visit.

Within my first two weeks at the spa my Ayurvedic Marma Abyhanga treatment was reviewed by Bristol Magazine and was received brilliantly which I was delighted about. The spa continues to grow and we have great plans for what we can offer our lovely clients in the New Year.

So what have I learnt from the busiest time of my life so far?  In all the ‘organised’ chaos of the past few months I have absolutely had to manage my stress and practice what I preach. This has not always been easy ( I have managed to do almost all of life’s most stressful feats at once) but a fellow practitioner gave me some great advice which made perfect sense to me at the time and kept me going! She simply said ‘stay present’ because then you can only do one thing at a time. Oh yes. Perfect sense.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you are busy and feel like you have a thousand things to do – especially at this time of year; but if you focus on the here and now it can help to keep stress levels low. Remember one thing at a time. I hope this chimes with you!……. Now where did I put that ‘to do’ list?

Wishing you a very merry Christmas and healthy, happy and joyful 2015.

mindfulness lady

(pic source: pinterest)

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