Bringing balance to your busy world from Bristol

After five or so years of toying with the idea of moving to Bristol – we have actually done it! After the blood, sweat and tears of the actual move we are now temporarily ensconced in the beautiful area that is Clifton. I’ve also just started a new job so the chance to sit down and blog about all things holistic has been non-existent, but here I am, finally – with my ginger tea typing away – bliss!

There are two things that I was reminded off whilst moving, keep a cool head (even when your removal guys bring the wrong van and when you also get locked out) and to also double the time you think packing your things will take! Once our packing had finished in the wee small hours we stared in disbelief at the 20 boxes of stuff plus furniture that towered around us and asked the question – how did we accrue so much stuff?! And this was after we had got rid of a lot, which I have to say, was a very cathartic process.

So here we are…. and very exciting it is too. Whilst I am hugely fond of Cardiff and am looking at ways of maintaining my therapeutic services there (I will keep you posted on this) I am delighted at the prospect of getting to know the holistic community in Bristol. I will still be offering my Strictly Holistic services on a reduced scale alongside a  fantastic opportunity that I have in the pipeline which I’m hoping to be able to tell you more about soon!

In the mean time I’m on  the lookout for a good yoga class and finding a new meditation spot! Right now the views over the Clifton suspension bridge are pretty stunning and may be a good place to start for a little mindfulness….what do you think? 🙂


Clifton Suspension Bridge
Clifton Suspension Bridge
Bridge with a view
Bridge with a view!




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